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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


In the 16th century, Tigre was small port at the mouth of the Parana River delta. Later, it became a summer getaway place for elite Portenos. As Buenos Aires grew, eventually Tigre was swallowed by urban sprawl. As a result, it lies just 20 miles from the center of Buenos Aires and can be reached easily by train or bus. Here are a few more images from Tigre:

Boats and water taxis are the only way to travel through the delta. Rates vary depending on the destination. For leisurely excursions, various companies offer cruises or rowing trips on the Rio Parana.

Captain Andres spent a year living on his boat after he lost his home and savings in the 2001 economic crash in Argentina. He said it was the best thing that could have happened. "There is no bad from which good doesn't come," he said. "I never felt more free." Now he brings goods down the river delta to Tigre to sell to the many tourists who flock to the town on the weekends.

The docks of Tigre were important trading centers for fruits, vegetables and goods. Now the fruit market is a popular tourist destination lined with restaurants, shops and fruit stands.

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