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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Amazing Amazon Journey

In April 2008, Ed Stafford begain a 4,000-mile journey on foot from the source of the Amazon River in southern Peru to the mouth in Brazil.

"The aim," his website states, "is to use the expedition as a educational tool to raise empathy for local attitudes by collecting and broadcasting the different 'Voices from the Amazon.'"

The journey, which is expected to take 26 months, has been slower than he first hoped. At present, he is 1,500 miles into the journey with another 2,500 miles to go, reports the Iquitos Times.

In his most recent blog post, Stafford says: "Two kms a day was getting us down a bit and we wanted to arrive at the Atlantic Ocean this side of 2020."

Find more information about his adventure at, where you can also follow along with his travels on an interactive map that is charting his progress.