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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Staying close to home

By air or land, traveling in Argentina this week has had its problems.

Porteños were stranded on Tuesday when subway workers failed to report to work. Forced to find alternative means of transportation, long lines formed at bus stops and 250,000 more cars crowded the city streets.

Meanwhile underground, a battle for workers’ rights raged on until this morning. Yeserday, hundreds of workers congregated in the Plaza Miserere station and erected barricades on the tracks. One worker was injured and another arrested when police blocked others from joining the protest.

According to this morning’s La Nacion, workers have agreed to go back to work today despite not having “received a favorable response” to their claims.

In related news, Aerolineas Argentinas have agreed not to strike over the Easter holiday weekend. Two union groups for technicians and pilots are the midst of a labor conflict for higher wages. It may be good news for the thousands of people traveling this weekend, but union leaders say negotiations are not progressing favorably.


The subway strike has had little effect on my day-to-day activities this week. I live and work in the same place right now. I do plan to fly on April 20 to Salta, Argentina. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that.

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