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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


If you think running full speed into a massive waterfall is crazy, then don´t try the Nautical Adventure tour offered by Jungle Explorer.

As you can imagine, we did try it and it puts the Maid of the Mist to shame. Furthermore, those blue rain coats are for sissies!

I knew it was going to be an adventure, when I saw the name of the boat on which we were traveling--Lilian LAURA.

It started out like any other tourist trap activity with an opportunity to have your photo taken in front on the waterfall for only $5. Everyone on the boat opted out of the offer and then we were off.

First we toured up the Iguazu River to the Devil`s Throat, the largest waterfall in Iguazu National Park. We stayed quite a distance away so we wouldn´t be swallowed up by the monster. After several picture-taking opportunities, the captain told us to put everything we owned in the provided water-proof bags.

At first, I thought we were headed down the Devil's Throat. Instead, the boat accidently drifted toward a smaller waterfall on the port side. We were completely drenched, but it was harmless. No big deal.

But then the boat turned completely around and headed into the inlet where the San Martin waterfall is located (see photo). From my vantage point, that waterfall didn´t look much smaller than the Devil's Throat. Full speed ahead, we were engulfed by the cloud of white mist and the spray created from the water thundering down upon us.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. As if we weren´t already wet enough, the boat turned around and rocketed toward the waterfall again.

The whole ordeal lasted 20 minutes, but it was a blast (of cold water).

Aventura Nautica also can be done as part of the Gran Aventura which includes a 4x4 trek through the surrounding rainforest.
NOTE We are heading back to Buenos Aires today. We will be staying in Palermo Viejo at the Casa Buenos Aires.

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