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Friday, August 25, 2006

War Room

Even if you're not into war history, you might enjoy a visit to the Cabinet War Rooms, part of the two-year-old Churchill Museum. Churchill used these underground bunkers to conduct World War II and protect himself from the bombs falling all over the city. The day the war ended, the rooms were locked up with all of their contents and forgotten until Margaret Thatcher gave the OK to open them.

We wandered through the map room, where a map of world covered a long wall. In the Atlantic Ocean are clusters of pinholes where shipping boats had been destroyed by German U-boats.

On another map, one of the cabinet members had doodled a drawing of Hitler. There must have been a lull in the bombing campaign.

The museum is located near 10 Downing Street and the House of Parliament (Big Ben).

THe visit to the museum was part of a day-long excursion in the heart of London. We walked everywhere and are completely exhausted now!

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