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Friday, August 07, 2009

Worthy Adversaries

I got a kick from watching videos from other Competitours teams. Here are some of my favorites from the trip:

Day 1:

Sean is clearly a skilled impersonator. He adopted a few other voices during the course of the trip, too.

Way to pull out "Little Town" from the music cache. It really does exemplify this scene!

Are you sure you're not a used car salesman in real life?

Day 3:

I like Tyler's version of "encouragement."

Same, same, but different!

A very creative solution to the fact that these teams did not get to the actual toboggan run. Some people call it poor time management, but I call it brilliant.

Day 4:

Sherri and Judy proved themselves to be the rebels of the bunch in this act of open defiance against Competitours.

Sorry Sean and Jan, Manuela is the true star of this video with her sign language for bird poop.

Day 5:

I didn't realize how close Tyler and his mom really are until I saw this video!

A bathroom turned nightclub. The 80 cent cover charge is a bit steep, though.

I have to admit that I was worried Bob wouldn't turn off the video at the end. Phew!

Day 6:

Way to channel your inner Merman, Rad. I felt this video showed your range and your potential to become the victor.

Teams Absolutely Fabulous and Shake & Bake really work well together.

This wasn't the first or last time Dan took off his pants in front of people on this trip.

So what if the museum was closed; if this spy had more time, she would have climbed up on the roof to get in through the ventilation system.

Sean and Jan definitely have a way with people; and this video shows they can talk locals into having their way with each other.

Day 8:

Happy Birthday, Sherri! If I wasn't in contention for the big prize, I would've been doing the same thing.

That girl's got skilz!

I'm detecting a recurring theme in Team Shake & Bake's videos.

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